My goal when taking on a new coaching client is two-fold:

1) Solve the IMMEDIATE career challenge you’re facing. For many, it’s getting high-level job offers on the table ASAP. For others, it’s pivoting to another industry, or re-entering the workforce, or solving the “ageism” issue that can drag down otherwise amazing candidates. We want to solve the SCARCITY OF OPPORTUNITIES issue once and for all, totally ELIMINATE answering job postings and other low-ROI actions, and put you in the driver’s seat of your career.

2) Set you up for the LONG-TERM so that no matter what the future holds, you have a PROFESSIONAL BRAND that is competitive and incredibly attractive to employers, as well as an END-TO-END system for pursuing emerging opportunites AT WILL. This is FREEDOM at a level which most professionals will never achieve.

So how will we accomplish this?

By working in a series of PHASES, each one lasting approximately 1.5-2 weeks and designed to keep you moving and TAKING ACTION at every stage (no waiting around).


In PHASE 1, we’ll be focusing on the development of your new Resume. I will personally develop this for you after speaking with you and executing a deep dive analysis of your competition so you can be assured that what you’re putting out there is at the very HIGHEST LEVEL of excellence and fit for the roles you’re after. You DON’T need 15 versions of your Resume to suit 15 different jobs. You need ONE VERSION that establishes your UNIQUE VALUE, and functions as part of a broader PROFESSIONAL BRAND that incorporates platforms like LinkedIn.

Which brings us to the next phase:


In PHASE 2, we’ll be focusing on the LinkedIn Transformation and getting my exclusive LinkedHired!© System up-and-running (and delivering results) for you. In this phase, I will completely transform your presence on LinkedIn, including brand positioning at the highest level, SEO, and all back-end optimization required so you NEVER have to futz with an ineffective profile ever again. While I’m managing this, I’ll be giving you full access to the LinkedHired!© System and providing you with a customized ramp-up plan that will make using it simple, easy…and insanely effective. Remember: approx. 80% of roles NEVER MAKE IT TO A JOB POSTING. This system will enable you to directly initiate dialogue with people who can get you the “in” for these roles, or who can CREATE A NEW ROLE for you. Are you seeing the potential here?

Details on Anish’s exclusive LinkedHired!© Job Search System:

This is the exact system my private clients have used to secure new offers within 90 days (without answering a single job posting), land roles at drastically higher compensation and seniority levels, and successfully (and sustainably) tap the hidden job market.

Here are a few of the things you'll have to look forward to:

✓ ACCESS to over 120 minutes of exclusive video training from Anish covering EVERY ASPECT of his game-changing LinkedHired!© Job Search System. Less than 0.00016% of professionals will EVER have access to this system- so as to keep this material exclusive, and in the hands of the few.

✓ 10+ step-by-step video tutorials.

✓ 6 Comprehensive Strategies that will enable you to BREAK FREE of the prison of scarcity when it comes to career opportunities, including Explosive Network Growth, Dream Company Connectors, Recruiter Campaign, Warm Introduction Strategy, and Friend-of-a-Friend Strategy. ZERO GUESSWORK INVOLVED.

✓ Access to trade secrets in LinkedIn for Career Advancement. Most recruiters, hiring managers and HR professionals DO NOT want you knowing this information because it takes power away from them, and puts it where it belongs…in YOUR hands.



In PHASE 3 we’ll be focusing on your INTERVIEW PERFORMANCE. At this point your PROFESSIONAL BRAND is operating at an entirely new level. Because you made the smart decision to walk away from the “job posting death spiral” and implement the LinkedHired!© System instead, you are now in the awesome position of MANAGING a growing number of high-level hiring discussions. So what remains is making sure that you have a SOLID GAMEPLAN for converting these discussions to OFFERS. During a series of in-depth coaching sessions, we’ll tackle this together and get you set up for LASTING success.

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