These 3 Qs will help you know whether to QUIT or DOUBLE DOWN with your current employer

These 3 Qs will help you know whether to QUIT or DOUBLE DOWN with your current employer

Accomplishing anything great takes time, energy, and a MASSIVE amount of commitment. This goes double for your career. In fact, if you're reading this it's probably safe to assume that you're VERY familiar with the DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD of career growth. 

Those extra hours at the office means LESS time with your family. 

That project which you lived and breathed for the past few months ALSO meant sacrificing a host of learning opportunities you could have pursued, or those new industry relationships you could have built. 

My point is this: every piece of work you do is precious, because it's time you'll never get back. It's FINITE.

So with that in mind, let me pose a question: is it time for you to MOVE ON from your current role and seek something more fulfilling, or is it time to DOUBLE DOWN and ride the wave you're on all the way to shore?

Hard question!

And the answer is not always obvious.

But asking yourself these 3 questions is an EXCELLENT place to start:

1) Am I Being Challenged Consistently?

As a general rule of thumb, companies which are NOT actively growing will provide you with LESS in terms of challenging assignments and growth opportunities. Remember: you need to leave a role with MORE value, more qualifications and experiences, under your belt. If that's not happening, you need to think long and hard about staying on. 

Trust me: there is nothing harder to deal with in a job interview than being asked what new and interesting things you've been up to...and coming up short. 

2) Am I On An Internal Growth Path?

A job without a future is one that you should never stay at long-term. If you're truly being valued at your current company, they should be actively involved in grooming you for higher positions. If that's not happening, set up a meeting with your direct supervisor and have a conversation about it. Ask for next steps. Ask what you can be learning to support it. And if nothing tangible occurs after you've done so, it's time to start thinking outside the company. 

3) Am I Healthy?

How are you doing these days? Do you feel mentally stronger or weaker than when you began this position? How are your stress levels? How hopeful do you feel about the future? 

Some working environments nourish you. They understand how important it is to treat each other with respect, and to create a place where you feel empowered and comfortable. 

And then there are the others. 

My personal belief is that life is too short, and happiness too fleeting, to waste it in the company of the latter. 

Regardless of where you come down on this, I encourage you to take some time and ask the question. And make a promise to yourself that you will hold the answer, good or bad, important to your decision. 


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