1-on-1 Career Transformation Program

Stuck in career gridlock? Get on the fast track through working 1-on-1 with Anish to get offers on the table NOW.

Full Details:

*From Start-to-Finish, ALL MATERIALS developed personally by Anish.*

 A completely reinvented Resume or CV that positions you as a Top 1% specialist in your area. 

✔ A  Value Proposition Letter (6-8 times more effective than a standard Cover Letter) that aligns with the culture and priorities of the companies you’re targeting.

90 Minutes of 1-on-1 Coaching with Anish (usually split into a 60-minute "Kickoff" session and a 30-minute follow-up session).

✔ “Breaking through Barriers” Interview Coaching. A 60-minute Skype Video intensive designed to achieve “quick wins” during the interview process, stay on message, and build rapport with anyone + A 30-minute Follow-Up Call after your next interview.

✔ LinkedHired!© Platform Development & Job Search System. Includes a total makeover of your LinkedIn Profile to get on the radar of employers and recruiters, and setup of our exclusive LinkedHired! Job Search System. Clients who deploy our LinkedIn solutions see an average 50% reduction in search times and receive 6X as many profile views. 

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: Competitive Blueprint. What types of jobs are held by your direct competitors? What companies should you be pursuing? And how can you make 100% certain that your professional brand aligns with the best-of-the-best? We’ll provide the answers.


Complimentary Access to Anish's Upgrade Your Career Online Coaching Program. Nearly 20 hours of exclusive video coaching from Anish spanning every aspect of the hiring process which you can influence...and turn to your benefit. Includes access to Anish's Private Vault of client materials, and access to UYC Private Members Forum on Facebook.