Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How are you different from the other career coaches?

I've been an outsider my entire life. Before becoming a successful, nationally recognized career coach, I spent over 10 years as a journalist. I'm a published author. And I even spent years as a film and tv actor. What enabled me to succeed in these wildly different fields was AVOIDING the trap of asking for a chance. Instead, I studied those who were playing at the level I wanted to play at, and MOVING in their laneway of success. There's a way to tell your story AND guarantee that it'll land well with employers. This approach is the way. And it's why my clients can skip the lengthy job search times and get right into the offer stage within weeks, NOT MONTHS.

I've never worked with a coach before. How does it work and how long will it take?

The goal is to take the weight off your shoulders and allow you to EXECUTE at the interview stage from a place of confidence. Through a series of in-depth conversations, I'll seek to uncover missing information and truly understand the unique way YOU see your work. I'll then proceed to researching your competition and building the tools necessary to attain a new level of visibility with employers. The change is powerful, fast, and permanent- typically, every week we work together results in a major transformation across 1 area, be it Resume and other core documents, LinkedIn, or Interview performance. And here's the best part: you'll have a true ALLY in your corner who will hold you accountable and fight for you every step of the way.

I'm not good at selling myself on LinkedIn and during interviews. Will your approach still work for me?

YES. I grew up shy and introverted. In fact, it would take me 45 minutes just to "psych up" for a phone call. The strategies and tools I provide to clients are all things I used to change the narrative of my life and attain success. Let me be clear: I'm not here to turn you into someone you're not. I respect your journey and your spirit. My goal is to spark a few simple changes that will remove the roadblocks you've been facing and enable others to see you in a higher light. Don't think of it as "selling" yourself. Think of it as ADVOCATING for yourself.

There's so much B.S. in the hiring and recruiting industry. Are you more of the same?

Nope. I am the complete opposite of a "company man." In fact, it's safe to say that I have ZERO respect for companies. I am not a recruiter. I am not HR. What I am is a self-made man who cares ONLY about helping individuals succeed.  I want to see you reach that higher compensation level. I want to see you attain greater work-life balance. I want to see your family live better. Your goals are the same as mine, and I can promise you this: you will ONLY get advice from me that actually works. No games, no B.S.

How much does it cost?

What you're paying for is having 1-to-1 access to one of the foremost career experts in the industry from START to FINISH. You're not going this alone. While investment levels do vary based on your specific case, if price is your #1 deciding factor then we're probably not a good fit. You can find a breakdown of packages HERE.

My resume is in pretty good shape. Do I really need this?

YES. A resume does not function in a vacuum. The BEST results come from a unified approach that's told across all platforms- print, digital, and face-to-face. My expertise lies in uncovering and powerfully communicating your story in a way that WOWS employers. Come in as an EQUAL, not an EMPLOYEE and you have utterly changed the game in terms of results. That's the change I spark.

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