"My first discussion with Anish was exactly what I needed when I felt stagnant in my career growth.  He took the time to listen to me and learn about my passions and abilities.  He understood how motivated I was to grow, be challenged, and be valued.  He compiled my history and he crafted my new resume to reflect where I was going and how my past prepared me for the successes in my future.  Anish coached me to learn how to effectively use LinkedIn in networking and to improve my job search.  With kindness and a heart of gold, he has been a cheerleader when I needed one, encouraging me to reach higher, fight harder for my value.  His words of encouragement, his posts, and his insight has helped me learn the skills I needed to secure the position of my dreams.  

Anish consistently goes far above and beyond when working with his clients.  Because of this, I refer him to my friends and family when they find themselves in need of a change.  He is, at times, a coach, a mentor, a voice of reason and, for me, a friend who truly was in my corner throughout the fight." -Jerriene Cordova, NM

daniel v.jpeg

Anish knows. He just does. Whether it’s from years of experience, training, or both. Anish knows how to to get the best out of you, so you not only get a job, but a career you want.

Anish pulled me past the obvious when it came to looking for a job. I had the good fortune of running into him in mid-March of 2018, after just having started my job search, and newly relocating to Boston. 

I already knew that there was a better way to search for a job; than to simply send out a resume and hope for a call back. But how? What was the way? My past mentors always told me “Work with a career coach if you can.” But they never said WHY, and I never bothered to ask!

Anish taught me not only the why, but the how:

How to connect, and then build credibility and trust, with organizations you respect and want to work for. 

How to demonstrate value and competency, by simply being the best version of yourself.

I could go on with “How’s.” But rest assured Anish’s training covers everything when it comes to the job hunt. From what you need to consider before even starting that resume rewrite, to how to communicate with a prospective employer once you have a job offer in front of you.

With Anish’s training I was going to interviews by early April, and was looking over a job offer with an organization that aligned with my skills and values, by mid-May. If you want to dominate your next job search, while building your career confidence, hire Anish. He’s a great career coach. I can’t recommend him enough! -Daniel Velasquez, MA


"Trying to land a better job or just think about next steps in your career can be overwhelming. You need focus, vision, and clarity of purpose. I am beyond happy I made the decision to enlist Anish's help.

What Anish brings to the table is not just expertise but empathy. You can work with many good career coaches, and they will definitely help you with the nuts and bolts- updated resume, LinkedIn profile, tips on working your connections - and that is great. Anish goes beyond that. He takes the time to listen and genuinely understand where you want to go, what your dreams are, and what brought you to where you are today. He reminds you of your value, why you are uniquely YOU, and not only captures that in all those materials (the resume, the cover letter, the LinkedIn profile), but gives you the confidence to articulate all those things in any format or setting. 

His knowledge and expertise about the job search, Linked In, interviewing and negotiating are outstanding, and he refines his approach as the job market evolves. I know I will continue to use the strategies and tips I learned from Anish throughout my career. Furthermore, I am confident that in Anish I have someone I can work with for life. I trust him as a coach who can deliver when it matters most, and recommend him to anyone in need of this kind of help." -Traci Dziatkowicz, IL

"Anish is an exceptional individual who is passionate about helping others in a genuine way. He is more than a career navigation expert who not only can guide with traditional tools but is futuristic in using novel and tested battle methods to help individuals in a multitude of ways. He can also put on a hat of a life coach as well as a mentor, his skills and maturity go far beyond what may seem obvious. I recommend him wholeheartedly and thank him for the wisdom he brings to enlighten his circle. If you're looking for a resume expert or a career coach, look no further." -Jatin Tuteja, MA


"Using Anish’s services was the best decision I could have made for my career. Anish was able to listen to me, encapsulate 20+ years of varied experience and deliver an executive resume that got immediate results, but he also provided a compatible LinkedIn profile that received senior level recruiter attention instantly. He met his deadlines and was always extremely professional. The most important benefit I received from using Anish’s services was even more important than an effective resume and LinkedIn profile – he helped me believe in myself again. For that I am eternally grateful." -Stephanie Benay, Canada

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"Working with Anish was a great experience and a good strategic decision. He helped me focus my search, upgrade and dust off my interviewing skills and perhaps most importantly Anish encouraged me to get out of my own way and develop the right mindset for owning and steering my career growth. -Amy Mazurik, GA

"I found working with Anish to be a truly rewarding experience. Through a series of candid and friendly conversations, we discussed my goals, areas of expertise, and how best to communicate all of this within an effective career platform. Quality of work was top-notch, as were the competitive insights and strategies he provided to successfully leverage the new materials. If you’re looking to amp up your resume and career prospects, he’s the real deal!-Derrick Ash, Canada

"Anish has a remarkable understanding in the field of resume writing and career coaching. His experience in the field of medicine reveals itself in his advice and career support. I have a strong background in technical writing, editing, and a strong command of the English language, but Anish has the gift that cannot be learned, style. His phrases and words are fluid, concise and improve the applicants presentation. I plan to use him in the future for other assignments and for career coaching."-Damien Luviano, TX

"I couldn't be happier with the work that Anish put into our project. He was very professional through the whole process and transformed an average resume and profile into a work of art. When you work with him expect great results and a polished outcome. He makes you feel like you are his only client while he is working with you. I would recommend him and his services in this competitive age we live in. Thank you Anish for all your work you did for my wife and I." -Michael Kaufman, NM

"I work as an executive in the healthcare industry. Anish was able to take the various aspects of my role and create a well-structured, relevant resume! The process helped me to better describe my value. I highly recommend!" -Lisa Fishelberg, NY


"I'm in the finance industry and used Anish's services to update my resume after 10 years (which was a daunting task). The content was top notch, and Anish was great to work with - I felt like we were partners in making my resume the best it could be. I've since recommended him to co-workers who have also used its services, and they have received high marks on their resumes from both executive recruiters and financial companies." -Danielle Natoli, NY

"One of the best in resume writing. Anish has helped me on few occasions in last 6 years to compose /edit and enhance my Resume and its always a true reflection of my strengths and achievements. He works very closely with you till the time you are happy with the final Resume and cover letter." -Deepak Mishra, Australia (AU)


"I work in the medical field. I found Anish via one of my medical journals. He offers a fast and outstanding service with amazing outcome/ results immediately. I highly recommend him. He has an excellent ability to understand person's skills, accomplishments and desired direction quickly and craft them in a persuasive resume.-Shefaa George, OR

"Anish offers excellent service and fantastic final result. I'd not be where I am today if it wasn't for his sound advice and assistance in crafting the perfect resume & online work profile. I've recommended Anish to many friends and they've all been very satisfied!" -Jan Bielecki, New South Wales (NSW)


"Anish is very detailed oriented and knowledgeable. Through a series of questions, he was able to learn about my skills, education, experience, and goals. He asked such great, relevant questions, I questioned whether he was in education himself. He put his knowledge of the education field together with all of my information provided and the result was an amazing cover letter and resume. It's unlike anything I'd ever be able to put together, especially in the short time that it took him to do it. He also gave me multiple formats and explained which was best when submitting them under different circumstances. If you're in the position of looking for a new job or even just updating your resume, I highly recommend Anish. He is second to none!-Kristen Manley, PA


"I couldn't be more pleased with Anish and his work. Right from the start the very start he walked me though each step in the process. He was not only very professional but he did the job in a very timely fashion. I would highly recommend Anish and his company to help you land the job of your dreams.-Kelly DeRocco, NY

“Anish quickly understood my skills and desired direction and crafted a stunning resume. Honest description of accomplishments written in persuasive and eloquent script. Graphics were simple and sophisticated. For the first time in a year, I received invitations to interview which led to job offers. Very grateful; Anish brilliantly tells who you are.” -Dawn Hetzer, FL

“I was very impressed with Anish’s work on my resume. I never realized how much more active it could be. I knew I had a good skill set, but having skills and communicating skills are completely different. I highly recommend Anish’s work to anyone who feels that their resume could use some ratcheting up.” -Don Richardson, CA

"This was an extremely helpful service! Prior to working with Anish, my resume and cover letter looked like any generic one you would find on the Internet. After collaborating and discussing what should be added to those documents, my resume and cover letter stand out and more accurately reflect me." -Shannon Sampson, NY

“Anish took my tired resume, updated and made it more friendly to software search programs and more appealing to hiring managers. They included key words and created a better format. I not only got more interviews, but hiring managers actually stated they loved my resume! I highly recommend Anish. He's the best!” -Mathilda Dock, CA

"I hadn’t planned to hire a professional resume writer, but when I made contact with Anish I felt confident of his skills. Now I would recommend Anish to anyone to improve their marketability!-Kimberley Bradley, AZ

"Anish created for me a resume that expressed my talents and achievements in a way I never dreamed of! He was quick, personal, and took the time to get acquainted with me and my career. Previously I had spent many hours trying to create a resume that turned out just ordinary. He made me look extraordinary and helped me believe in myself!-Dana Clark, UT

"I hired Anish to rewrite my resume and he delivered. Period. I highly recommend Anish." -Drew Hinkle, GA

"Fast, detailed and personable. Anish is great to work with and will ensure you are happy with the final product.-Steve Martin, NY

"Provided an awesome service and I always know I can go to Anish for an update." -Humayun Malik, CT

“I had hired Anish to write a new resume for a professional job search recently after writing my own. With my own version, I was not getting even a slight nibble or interview and I sought some professional assistance. I came across Anish in this search and his approach in reviewing what I had at the time to the final product was professional, creative and effective. I have been using his version and am now getting interviews and have recommended his services since receiving my resume and now feel confident that my job search will come to a successful conclusion. He has been terrific to speak to and discuss questions with and believe he is among the best at what he does! Thank you so much!”-Harry Kessel, IL

I contracted Anish to rewrite my resume (which I thought was outstanding). The results are almost unbelievable. I applied to well over three hundred positions with my original resume, received very few responses, and scheduled a total of three interviews in a five month period. Anish worked with me to learn my skills, accomplishments, best attributes, and career goals. He then produced a beautiful and concise resume in less than 48 hours. During the first two weeks of using my new resume I applied to forty positions, received seven responses, and scheduled two interviews (so far). I will be gainfully employed in no time, thanks to Anish. I whole heartily recommend Anish to anyone looking for a new job opportunity. The resume Anish produced on my behalf is worth every penny!” -Emily Glaza, GA

Anish's ability to help fine tune my resume was superb. I highly recommend him for anyone who is looking for a great resume.” -Michael Bachand, MA

I had been out of work for 5 months. During that time, my old resume generated 0 responses. After being approached by Anish I decided to take a chance and am I glad I ever did. After 8 days of using my new resume, I have just recently had 3 expressions of interest from potential employers. I'm now confident that it will be just a matter of time before I'm back in the work force. Thanks Anish!” -Mitch Willis, AB