Are you like so many highly qualified professionals who...

✔ Wonder where to start to look for a new job?

✔ Think recruiters are the only way to find opportunities at your level?

✔ Feel upset because your resume is not getting results and lets you down in communicating your skills and abilities?

✔ Have heard about the hidden job market, but don't know how to tap into it?

✔ Lack the tools necessary to identify your best target market locally or otherwise?

✔ Want to understand how some executives can have jobs fall in their lap through networking?

✔ Are having trouble being strategic about their careers with the pressures of unemployment looming in the background?

✔ Want to feel inspired and motivated about your next career move but are overwhelmed with all the choices out there?

Here are just a few of the advantages of our working together:

✔ Seeing an immediate increase in interview offers within 30 days of using the new tools I'll develop for you. Over 95% of our clients report a major increase within the first month.

✔ Shaving months off of your job search. Most of our clients see a reduction between 2 to 6 months versus the U.S. average. That can add up to tens of thousands of dollars!

✔ Changing the way you see yourself. As a general rule people tend to undervalue themselves. I can look at the "big picture" and provide the perspective required to reconnect you with your most powerful self. It's not just about changing how employers see you, but changing how you see you.

✔ Access to an expert in the job search. I want you to feel 100% confident in what you're putting out there, and can offer the insights culled from thousands of client projects and an extensive recruiter network.

Here's what clients are saying:

Anish has a remarkable understanding in the field of resume writing and career coaching. His experience in the field of medicine reveals itself in his advice and career support. I have a strong background in technical writing, editing, and a strong command of the English language, but Anish has the gift that cannot be learned, style. His phrases and words are fluid, concise and improve the applicant's presentation. I plan to use him in the future for other assignments and for career coaching.”-Damien Luviano MD, TX

"I found working with Anish to be a truly rewarding experience. Through a series of candid and friendly conversations, we discussed my goals, areas of expertise, and how best to communicate all of this within an effective career platform. Quality of work was top-notch, as were the competitive insights and strategies he provided to successfully leverage the new materials. If you’re looking to amp up your resume and career prospects, he’s the real deal!" -Derrick Ash, Canada

I work as an executive in the healthcare industry. Anish was able to take the various aspects of my role and create a well-structured, relevant resume! The process helped me to better describe my value. I highly recommend!” -Lisa Fishelberg, NY

“I’m in the finance industry and used Anish's services to update my resume after 10 years (which was a daunting task). The content was top notch, and Anish was great to work with – I felt like we were partners in making my resume the best it could be. I’ve since recommended Anish to co-workers who have also used its services, and they have received high marks on their resumes from both executive recruiters and financial companies.” -Danielle Natoli, NY

"I couldn't be happier with the work that Anish put into our project. He was very professional through the whole process and transformed an average resume and profile into a work of art. When you work with him expect great results and a polished outcome. He makes you feel like you are his only client while he is working with you. I would recommend him and his services in this competitive age we live in. Thank you Anish for all your work you did for my wife and I." -Michael Kaufman, NM

“I couldn’t be more pleased with Anish and his work. Right from the start the very start he walked me though each step in the process. He was not only very professional but he did the job in a very timely fashion. I would highly recommend Anish and his company to help you land the job of your dreams.” -Kelly DeRocco, NY

Anish quickly understood my skills and desired direction and crafted a stunning resume. Honest description of accomplishments written in persuasive and eloquent script. Graphics were simple and sophisticated. For the first time in a year, I received invitations to interview which led to job offers. Very grateful; Anish brilliantly tells who you are.” -Dawn Hetzer, FL

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